Brand New Georgia Law Creates Liability For Technicians

New Georgia Law Produces Obligation For Contractors

Most residential contractors in Georgia never ever considered writing warranties for their work. Builders often consider warranties as an extra obligation with little payback: more straightforward to disregard the problem and hope consumers never give it a thought.

That’s planning to transform. Georgia Code Section 43-41-7 (the Written Warranty Act) now calls for that domestic technicians deliver a written warranty before starting focus on any job appreciated at over $ 2,500. The Georgia legislature left it to your State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors to decide exactly what needs to maintain that guarantee. The Board’s legislation moved into impact on August 4, 2008.

There are 2 techniques to look at this. Very first, the Written Warranty Act is just another burden contractors need carry (or discover a way in order to avoid). Second, contractors could determine that Written Warranty Act is the opportunity prone to make or save your time and money.

When a client buys an automobile or a couple of tires or ensure you get your automobile serviced, you obtain a warranty included in the deal. That warranty attracts a line inside sand that identifies what’s covered and what’sn’t, reducing the margin for dispute. Automobile dealers and appliance producers wouldn’t also give consideration to conducting business without a written guarantee, (because of their own defense). Licensed domestic contractors need guarantee security a lot more than device dealers. Their particular risk of reduction is even higher. Good agreement with positive guarantee terms will reduce the chance they face.

Therefore the Georgia Written Warranty Act allows you. The Sole iron-clad warranty guidelines: 

1. It has to be in writing. 
2. This has to spell out what’s covered and what is excluded.
3. It has to identify extent associated with the guarantee. 
4. It’s to spell it out claim procedures and
5. reaction options. 
6. And has now to designate any manufacturer warranties. What a contractor says in his guarantee on those six points is completely around the specialist. They are able to protect or exclude such a thing as well as any duration such a long time as the warranty touches all six points as in the list above.

There’s a particular symmetry to the brand new legislation. For a long time, Georgia’s to Repair Act has shielded domestic technicians from match over advertised construction problems. Before filing fit, the home owner needs to sort out a 90-day settlement procedure.

Therefore today the machines have been in balance: Obligations of homeowner under the directly to fix Act weigh against obligations of contractor in Written Warranty Act. In a way, it will make perfect sense.

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