Georgia’s Independence – The Reason We Should Care

Georgia’s Independence – Why We Should Care

These are difficult times we live-in. The independent no-cost nation of Georgia is violated by a larger, stronger nation that’s run by a man with ambitions of kingdom. Mr. Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB officer, features instigated a national push to rebuild the power and glory of the old Soviet Union. The theory should take advantage of the weaker states around Russia very first. Then, if wave of world opinion does not sweep the Russians back, they are going to advance upon other hapless sufferers inside their quest, once more, for globe superpower standing.

The Russians took their particular first baby measures with the assaults from the Chechnians underneath the guise of retaliation resistant to the “rebels”. However some reaction ended up being necessary, during my view, the response had been much too harsh for the so-called crimes against Russia. I beleive that ended up being a test to understand reaction of globe opinion. As soon as it was obvious that there would be no great outcry, the Russians chose to plan and proceed with regards to next thing. Georgia had been the obvious choice additionally the ultimate test to ascertain if their particular programs of domination could be stopped or even slowed because of the free globe. So far, it seems as if there is absolutely no great resistance to their plans.If the russians get away with abusing a totally free country like Georgia, there is no preventing them when they relocate to another reasonable choice. That would the Ukraine.

After using these measures, the remainder countries in the region would be taken, one at a time, with only worthless terms hurled during the Russians. I think it has been determined to any or all’s pleasure that words jump from the Russians like plastic birds off their particular t-72 tanks. Basically were a citizen of Latvia or Lithuania, I would personally be planning an emigration to America. They may be regarding the number.

Where is the line attracted? How does the free world allow this prospective future hazard to take place? It must be said here that it will be far easier to stop the Russians within the free nation of Georgia than in the flatlands of Europe. This will be simply my opinion, but i am aware that other people feel the in an identical way. The whole world does not need another war, cool, atomic, brush-fire or elsewhere. Let some one stand-up and say No!

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